Practice time – TBC
Game days – Sunday
Optional skill session – TBC

At this age groups we believe that players should begin specializing if they are looking to continue to play basketball seriously at a higher level. Whether this is for their School JV/Varsity teams or to play College and further.

Players at this age are bigger and stronger, so our practices have to match this physicality. We have much more intense practices with a lot of high pressure drills.

The difference between good and great is very small and yet it’s the toughest jump for players to make. Because of this, we need full commitment from our players if they are to make this jump.

For this age group, more set offences (for Division 1) are taught, and there’s also a big emphasis on team defence. Coaches prefer to run man to man defence but zone and pressure defence would be used tactically. At Division 2/3 very similar skills and concepts are taught, but there’s less emphasis on complex set plays as skill sets have to be developed first.